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Inner Alchemy: The Journey Of Becoming Your Own Healer

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Inner Alchemy is an 8-lesson course designed to support and empower you on the journey of becoming your own healer.

Learn the tools to live in alignment with your highest self, step into the limitless potential you hold within, release stories no longer serving you, and uncover your innate ability to heal.

Lesson One: Laying The Foundation
  • Laying the foundation of what it means to be your own healer.
  • Putting together your healing support team.
  • Navigating how to stay present and protect your energy throughout this journey.
  • Creating a sacred container for this work.

Lesson Two: Relationship To Self Part One
  • Setting your intention and connecting to your why.
  • Creating supportive daily routines and rituals.
  • How-to create a conversation with your body.
  • Building self-worth through this process.

Lesson Three: Relationship To Self Part Two
  • Exploring your emotional world.
  • Releasing limiting beliefs and stories.
  • Shadow work and connecting to your inner child.
  • The power in rewriting your story.

Lesson Four: Relationship To Others
  • Cultivating conscious, authentic relationships.
  • Creating healthy boundaries.
  • Protecting your energy in relationships.
  • Releasing relationships no longer serving you.

Lesson Five: Clearing Space
  • Tools for creating space in your life physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  • Healing your relationship with money.
  • Releasing self-imposed limitations both consciously and subconsciously.
  • Creating a practice that works for you in all seasons of your life.

Lesson Six: Intuition & Mastering Your Energy
  • How-to find energy within yourself vs. an outside source.
  • Differentiating intuition vs. ego.
  • Understanding the cycles of life.
  • Reframing your relationship with fear.

Lesson Seven: Connecting To Clarity & Holding Your Vision

  • Owning your unique gifts.
  • Connecting to clarity with the Akashic Records.
  • Creating and aligning with your vision for the future.
  • Finding purpose through your journey.

Lesson Eight: Integration & Embodiment Of The Teachings

  • Bringing together everything you have learned.
  • Creating a new possibility for the future.
  • Fully stepping into your power and living in alignment with your heart.
  • Embodiment of Inner Alchemy and being your own healer.

Within each lesson you will receive:

  • Audio/slides teaching you the material for that lesson.
  • A workbook to reference throughout the lesson as you uncover new layers of self-awareness.
  • Powerful meditation and breathwork practices to relax your nervous system and connect to your intuition.
  • Tools to create your own healing toolkit to support you on your journey.
  • Access to the materials for the lifetime of the course (I have no plans of taking the materials offline but if I do you will have the opportunity to download everything).